The Argentinan Civil war, also known as the Argentian revolution, was a military conflict following the failed communist Coup d' etea. this was the only Blood-stained revolution of south america following the Economic collapes of 1920 and the first failed before the brazilian revolution. the war dragged on until a goverment breakthrough following the discovery of the tank in 1926. By 1928 all resictance was crushed.

Argentinan Civil War
Part of The great Latin American Revolution
Local Communist revolutionaries After the Great Retreat of 1927
Date: July 19th, 1920-May 1st 1928
Location: Northern and Southern Argentina.
Result: Government Victory

Communist Coup Failed

Communist Coup in satillite of Paraguay communist revolt Crushed

AIcon.png Argentian-Uruguayan Confederation AIcon2.png CPA (communist party of argentina)

Supported By:

AIcon4.png Peoples Republic of Bolivia

AIcon3.png Democratic Republic of Peru

AIcon.png Marcelo T. de Alvear

AIcon.png Agustín P. Justo

AIcon2.png Fanny Edelman

AIcon2.png Pedro Pablo Ramírez

50,000 Goverment Forces

4,000 Volunters

1,500 Artillery pieces

10 tanks

64,000 Revolutionaries.

200 artillery pieces

30,000 KIA

500 Artillery lost

30,000 KIA

34,000 POW.

200 Artilery lost


Nearly a day after the failed attempt to overthrow the old regime, The Party organized millitas incase of a failed elections, and took a portion of the La Plata region, the military took action and president Marcelo T. de Alvear cancelled elections until further notice. before a proper action could be taken, Revolts flared up all across the nation. most of the Revolts located in the middle of country were crushed, the south and north remained on communist hands. soon trench warfare took in, and soon stalemate was reached, the loyalist forces needed a breakthrow, but in december 1926, Tanks were imported from America and The United kingdom, and soon the rebel forces were smashed as tanks decimaded Communist forces in the south, the few men that survived moved into the Chilean border to make a final stand


the few communist forces that survived attempted a war of attrition, destroying homes and farms, but superioir tatics and strategy were pulling through, and the government soon triumphed.

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