Battle of Bint Jbeil
Part of the 2006 Isreal-Lebanon Conflict
Bint Jbeil
Date July 24, 2006August 11, 2006
Location Bint Jbeil, Lebanon
Result Hezbollah victory
IDF Hezbollah
Unknown Unknown
16 Killed 13 Killed (Hezbollah claim), 80 Killed (IDF Claim)

The Battle of Bint Jbeil was one of the main battles during the 2006 Isreal-Lebanon Conflict. The battle began on July 24 after two Isreali soldiers were killed by Hezbollah. On July 25 Isrealis began bombarding the town. There was a brief period of calm between July 29th and August 6th before fighting ensued until a ceasefire was called on the 11th.

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