{{Infobox Military Conflict |conflict=Battle of Madonna dell'Olmo(1744) |partof=the War of the Austrian Succession |date=September 30, 1744 |place=Cuneo, Italy |result=Franco-Spanish victory |combatant1= Bourbon France Flag France
[[File:Bourbon_Spain_Flag.svg|30 px] Spain |combatant2=Template:Country data Sardinia Sardinia |commander1=Template:Country data France Prince of Conti
Template:Country data Spain Infante Philip
Template:Country data Spain Marquis De La Mina |commander2=Template:Country data Sardinia Charles Emmanuel III of Sardinia |strength1=c.26,000 |strength2=c.25,000 |casualties1=2,700 dead or wounded |casualties2=4,400 dead, wounded, or captured |}}

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