Cork OffensiveEdit

The Cork Offensive was a two part battle in which the first concicted of an Irish Offensive to Retake The County of Western Cork from bases from kerry and Eastern Cork. while it was succseful, a combined Counter Offensive that threated the soverinty of Ireland itself was repulshed by the mass amout of tanks and Air foces that the Irish had at their disposle. ===

Cork offensive
Part of the 2nd Pony-Irish war
Irish Artillery supporting Infantry During the pony counter offensive
Date January, 5 - January 9, 1951
Location Kerry, eastern and western Cork, Ireland
Result Desecive Irish victory

Cork recaptured

Pony counter offensive stopped

Icon.png United Socialist States of Scandinavian Ireland pony protection alliance:

Icon5.jpg Empire of Nightmare Moon

Icon4.jpg Lunar Kingdom (January 7)

Icon2.jpg Kingdom of equestria (January 7)

Icon.png Michael Rosen

Icon.png Gen.Greg Connors

Icon.png Lt.Patrick Flaherty

Icon5.jpg Nightmare moon

Icon4.jpg Princess Luna

Icon2.jpg Princess Celestia

Icon2.jpg Shinning armor

Icon2.jpg Pinki Pie


100,000 Infantry

500 Artillery peices

500 tanks

100 planes


500,000 Ponies

200 Friendship cannons

200 chariots

45,000 infantry

200 artillery peices

60 tanks

95 planes

250,000 poines

100 Friendship cannons

150 chariots


Irish offensiveEdit

The Irish offensive, codename Operation David's Sling, is said to have been planned by Irish Premier Michael Rosen Himself, as well as other Government members Excluding Tyler O'massey who was MIA at the Time of the Operation. the Operation was a major succses at it start, as Irish R-7 Tanks commended by Lt.Patrick Flaherty   Rolled over the Infantry only Defences set up by Pony General Pikie Pie, as infantry, planes, and artillery moved up behind.

Pony Counter Offensive.Edit

Nightmare Moon, Princess Luna, and Princess Celestia had Placed Soon to be Prince and Field Marshal Shining Armor to launch a heavy counter offensive to retake cork at all costs.on january 7th the inital attack began all over the southern Irish lines. Shinning Armor had estimated that the Irish had not yet set up an actual Defensive line yet, but General Connors had given the orders to dig-in all around kerry and Eastern cork, still leaving Western Cork open for attack. the main attack, which was concentrated to take the city of Cork itself, was succsesful at first, but arttilery, loss of a number of friendship cannons, and eventually a push by Gen.Greg Connors and all avalible Armor caused enough losses for Field marshal Shinning Armor to order a retreat to defensive lines, ending the battle all together.

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