Falklands War
Date 2 April 1982 - 14 June 1982[1][2]
Location Falkland Islands, South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands and surrounding sea and airspace
Result Decisive British military victory
Casus belli Argentine occupation of the Falkland Islands and South Georgia
Flag of Argentina Argentina Flag of the United Kingdom United Kingdom
President Leopoldo Galtieri
Admiral Jorge Anaya
Vice-Admiral Juan Lombardo
Brigadier-General Ernesto Crespo
Brigadier-General Basilio Lami Dozo
Brigade-General Mario Menéndez
Admiral Sir John Fieldhouse
Rear-Admiral John “Sandy” Woodward
Major-General Jeremy Moore
Brigadier Julian Thompson
Commodore Michael Clapp
649 killed
1,068 wounded
11,313 taken prisoner
1 cruiser
1 submarine
4 cargo vessels
2 patrol boats
1 spy trawler
25 helicopters
35 fighters
2 bombers
4 transports
25 COIN aircraft
9 armed trainers
258 killed[3]
777 wounded
115 taken prisoner
2 destroyers
2 frigates
1 LSL landing ship
1 LCU amphibious craft
1 container ship
24 helicopters
10 fighters
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