Guerilla warfare is an early form of ambush attack originated from South Carolina during the Revolutionary war. The tactic was used against conveys of British supplies passing through American soil and proved quite safe and effective in the war.


Guerrilla warfare consisted of a group of around 10 to 20 soldiers (usually militiamen) camping out in rugged forests and tall grassy fields ahead of oncoming British supply routes, when the convoy began to pass by or through the guerrillas position they would sprawl out or remain hidden by the environment and open fire onto the convoy, aiming for soldiers, horses, gunpowder barrels, and other useful supplies the British couldn't survive without. Due to the fact that Guerrilla warfare was a game of accuracy and required sharp shooting, traditional ball bullet rifles were replaced early in the tactic with German imported grooved gun barrels that spun the round bullet like modern guns allowing the guerrilla fighters to make clean shots from a more than safe distance.

History in WarEdit

  • Used to attack oncoming British supplies during the midst of the Revolutionary war.
  • Used in the Boar war
  • Used in the Peninsular war


  • Guerrilla comes from the Spanish root meaning "Little War" referring to the small group of guerrilla soldiers fighting a large group of British soldiers.
  • Though the ideal and first use of guerrilla warfare originated during the Revolutionary war the concept can be traced back to the 6th century in Sun Tzu's "The Art of War"

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