The Northern IRA campaigns, also known as the second Irsih Revolution, was a millitary action taken by Irish special forces (IRA) toke in overthrowing the 2nd kingdom of Ireland durring the Pony invasion of Ireland, both sides took heavy casualties until the great retreat and relif from the main Irish army.

Northern IRA Campagins
Part of The 2nd Irish-pony war
IRA soldiers on patrol in northern Ireland
Date: January 2nd - April 5th, 1951
Location: Northern Ireland
Result: End of the 2nd kingdom of Ireland

End of Pony occupation of Ireland

Start of Great Red Fear in Equestria.

Icon.png Irish Republican Army. Icon13.png Kingdom of Ireland ( january 13th-march 12th)

Icon2.jpg Kingdom of equestria

Icon.png Tyler O'massey

Icon.png Jeff O'connor.

Icon13.png H.R.H shinning armor

Icon13.png Prime minister Trixe.

Icon2.jpg Field marshal Shinning armor.

30,000 IRA soldiers

250,000 volunters

150 artillery.

400,000 ponies
145,000 total 200,000 total

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