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File:USMC Camp Lejeune-Bermuda Regiment & USMC CH-46 Sea Knight.jpg

Military helicopters are helicopters owned and used by military forces. They are primarily used for warfare or transportation. Military helicopters are used in places where landing of planes is not possible or bear too much risk. The landing possibilities on grounds are almost unlimited.

Military helicopters play an integral part in modern military's land war and air operations.


Most helicopters are armoured and have at least some kind of weapon on board such as autocannons, machine guns or rockets such as Air-to-air missile and Air-to-surface missiles. Almost every vehicle do have radios and winches for roping. Military camouflage paint is common. The equipment is limited to the ability of weight lift and to the main purpose. Helicopters for medical usage is more equipped towards medical devices than weapons.



Major manufacturers are AgustaWestland, Bell Helicopter Textron, Eurocopter Group, Mil and Sikorsky Aircraft.


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