North American Campaign
Part of 2nd Pony-Irish War
American Troops Surrender to Lunar forces after the Disasterful battle of New York
Date: 10th Febuary-June 19th 1951
Location: Northern American Republic, Western Canada.
Result: Complete Lunar Kingdom Victory

End of the United American Republic

Alaskan Empire has Small Gains

Territory changes: United American Republic loses whole Eastern sea board and Midwest

Alaska gains Parts of Yukon and Lunar Colubmia.

North American Alliance (NAA):

UARicon.png United American Republic

Alaskaicon.png Alaskan Empire

Icon4.jpg Lunar Kingdom
UARicon.png Donald Trump

UARicon.png Douglas Macarthur

Alaskaicon.png Czar Alex II

Alaskaicon.png Gregory Zukroz.

Icon4.jpg Princess Luna

Icon4.jpg General Derpy

UARicon.png 250,000 Infantry

1020 Tanks

500 Airplanes

Alaskaicon.png 600,000 Infantry

5000 Tanks

750 Planes

500,000 ponies

300,000 canadian Volunters

400 tanks

560 planes

400,000 men

3400 tanks

340 planes

400,000 total

400 tanks

500 planes

The North American Campaign Was a Serise of Millitary Engagments in which the United American Republic attempted to aid the Communist Union of Scandinavian Ireland, while the Americans failed to achieve any Long lasting  victories, their allies, the Alaskan Empire used numbers to overwhelme Western Canada and stalemant was reached. The Americans Surrenders eairler and lost most of its territory, while Alaska gained parts of the Yukoton and Lunar Columbia.

Early American Defeats.Edit

U.S. Army WWII

American Troops marching towards winnapeg

As  Febuary 10th rolled around, American President Donald Trump Was convinced that his Armies could overrun Lunar Canada Before they had a chance to react, he made an alliance with The Czar of Alaska and launced a sneak attack against Canada. Even at the start only could the Alaskans Gain Ground,they took most of the yukon and were nearing vancover (which was supposted to be captured by the americans), meanwhile UA soldiers were easily thrown back in New england, and they only took winnapeg with Heavy cassualites. the City only was held for about 10 hours, by that time american troops had lost most of New York and the High Norhtern states. The NAA used a trench system of warfare that held off most Lunar offencsives until late march. by then URA Troops were exsausted from the fighting and were soon pushed back to New York City and Philidalpea.

America Pulls outEdit

On March 29th, General Derpy, of the Lunar Army launched a Massive offensvie that saw the Fall of Detroit, Philedalpea, and Bismark. Americans tried To retake New York, but The 7th Amry was completly Smashed and New York was lost in the process. American General Douglas Mcarthur repeatly tried to dislogde Lunar Lines but heavy Casualites, a lack of stratagy, and the establisment of Lunar Air superiority made for a job easier said then done. By April 7th, Chicago, D.C, Green Bay, and most of the vital American Industrial Cities were either Destroyed or In Lunar Hands, The American Government sued for Surrender. On April 15th, Macaurthor met with Princess Luna (Royal represenitive) and Now Field Marshal Derpy at Navy Pier to discuss the terms of surrender. The Treaty of Chicago, stated that America was to lose all of it's eastern Coast as well as the Midwestern States. They also were forced to disban it's millatary to a limit of 100,000 men at most, and it was also stripped of its navy as well. the Treaty was singned on the CNS Quebec, a Lake Patrol Destroyer that was stationed off Chicago.


Alaskan Troops after the Conquest of Vancover.

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