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Operation Hasting
Part of 2nd Pony-Irish war
Underdome troops with a captured flag after the Liberation of London
Date: March, 9th-April 15th, 1951
Location: Scotland, England, Ilse of Man
Result: Decisve 4th international Victory

End of Equestrian England puppet state.

4th International:

Icon.png Communist Union of Scandinavian Ireland

Icon3.jpg Peoples Republic of Cape Verde

Icon6.jpg Peoples Republic of Moxxis Underdome

Pony protection Alliance:

IIcon4.png Equestrian Colony of England

Icon5.jpg Empire of Nightmare Moon

Icon2.jpg Kingdom Of Equestria

Icon4.jpg Lunar kingdom

Icon.png Tyler E. O'Massey

Icon3.jpg Cp.michael myers

Icon6.jpg General Lilith

IIcon4.png David Cameron

IIcon4.png Field Marshal Bernard Law Montgomery

Icon2.jpg Field Marshal shinning armor

Icon.png : 450,000 Infantry

1000 Tanks

Icon3.jpg : 100,000 Infantry

Icon6.jpg : 500,000 Bandits

Total: 400,000

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