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Operation Red Dawn
Part of 2nd Pony-Irish war
(top) Irish Marines land on the coast of Western Equestria , (bottom Left) The IPN Jessus Bettle at the battle of Bad Wolf Bay, (Botton Right) Cape Verdean Paratroopers landing 200 Miles near Seaddle
Date: January 6th, 1952.
Location: Western Equestria, Southern Equestria.
Result: Desiceve 4th International Victory

Beggining of the Equestrian Front.

4th international:

Icon.png Communist Union of Scandinavian Ireland

Icon3.jpg Peoples Republic of Cape Verde

Icon6.jpg Peoples Republic of Moxxis Underdome

Icon.png Tyler E. O'Massey

Icon3.jpg Michael Myers

Icon6.jpg Lilith

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