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The Greater Irish War
(From top left colockwise then counter clockwise) Princess luna durring the Initial Invasion oF Ireland, IRA soldier fighting against Royalist forces in belfast Ireland, American Admiral Nemitz signing the Treaty of Chicago, Cape Verdean Troops durring the Battle of Casablanca, Irish troops advance in support of Rainbow Dash's Communist rebels, IRA PVT. John Shannon Rasies the Nation flag over Canterlot City Hall.
Date: January 2nd, 1951 - december 25th 1953
Location: The British Ilse, Cape Verde, North America, NorthWestern Africa, Equestria.
Result: Desiceve 4th International victory

Colonization Of Scandinavian Ireland Cape Verde Repulsed

End of The PPA

mass loss of territory for The Kingdom of Equestria

Rise of Trixism in Equestria

Start of the Cold War

4th International:

Icon.png Communist Union Of Scandinavian Ireland

Icon3.jpg Peoples Republic of Cape Verde

Icon6.jpg Peoples Republic of Mioxxis Underdome.

IconEC.png Equestrain Communist Party


Alaskaicon.png Alaskan Empire (until march 1952)

UARicon.png United American Republic (until Apri 1951)

Pony Protection Alliance:

Icon2.jpg Kingdom of Equestria

Icon4.jpg Lunar Kingdom

Icon5.jpg Empire of Nightmare moon

IIcon4.png Equestiran Colony of England (until late 1951)

Icon13.png Pony Kingdom of Ireland (early 1951 to late 1951)

Icon.png Grand Premir Michael Rosen

Icon3.jpg Morgan Freeman

Icon6.jpg Maddem Moxxi

IconEC.png Rainbow Dash

Alaskaicon.png Czar Alex II

UARicon.png Donald Trump

Icon2.jpg Princess Celestia

Icon4.jpg Princess Luna

Icon5.jpg Nightmare Moon

IIcon4.png David Cameron

Icon13.png Shinning Armor (self-made king of Ireland)

Total 2,000,000,000 men

450,000 tanks

200,000 planes


The 1st-Irish-Pony War (1942-1943)Edit

Begining of the WarEdit

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Pony Alliance Advances.Edit

Pony Alliance Stails.Edit

4th International Gains momentum.Edit

4th international closes in.Edit

Pony Protection Alliance collapes, 4th international victory securedEdit

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