Offical Name of Nation Short Name of Nation
Argentine United Federated Provinces of Argentina Argentina
Buttoned Kingdom of Bhutan Bhutan
Commomwealth of Australia Australia
Commonwealth of Bahamas Bahamas
Commonwealth of Barbados Barbados
Commonwealth of Belize Belize
Democractic Contiguity Republic of Botswana Botswana
Federative United States of Brazil Brazil
Flying Snake Republic of North Angola North Angola
Free People's Democractic Republic of Belarus Belarus
Glorious People's Democractic Republic of Algeria Algeria
Glorious Republic of Albania Albania
Islamic Republic of Afghanistan Afghanistan
Kingdom of Bahrain Bahrain
Kingdom of Belgium Belgium
Peace Aboding State of Brunei Darussalam Brunei
People's Republic of Bangladesh Bangladesh
Principaliy of Andorra Andorra
Republic of Armenia Armenia
Republic of Austria Austria
Republic of Azerbaijan Azerbaijan
Republic of Benin Benin
Republic of Bolivia Bolivia
Republic of Bosnia & Herzegovina Bosnia & Herzegovina
Republic of South Angola South Angola

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